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Google Analytics 4 | Google Tag Manager

About Client is an online car dealership that specializes in helping customers find and purchase new and used vehicles. The company operates entirely online, which allows them to offer lower prices and a more convenient car-buying experience. Once you find a vehicle you’re interested in, you can apply for financing through’s website. They work with a network of lenders to help you get the best possible interest rate and terms based on your credit history.

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The client had a number of issues with their website that needed to be fixed. Firstly, conversion event tracking needed to be fixed, since it was being overcounted by 3x. Similarly, event log-in/sign-up events needed to be tracked correctly. 

Moreover, the main video in the hero banner needed to be tracked for clicks, and there were similar attribution issues that needed to be corrected.

Challenges faced

Once we got to work, it was discovered that there were multiple installations of gtag.js and GTM installation codes which was leading to duplicate tracking of events in GA4.

Also, Conversion events were set up in GA4 directly as well as in GTM leading to duplicate conversions. These were leading to events being wrongly tracked and important data being disrupted.


To solve these issues, we debugged and coordinated with the development team to remove multiple installations of scripts that were leading to duplicate trackings.

We also had to remove the conversions events set up that was done directly in GA4 and implemented it via Google Tag Manager instead.


On completion of the project, all conversion events were being tracked accurately in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and the login/signup events miscounting got fixed as well. Moreover, clicks on the main video in the hero banner were getting collected in GA4.

Lastly, conversions were now getting attributed to the correct source, medium, and campaign.


Therefore, the GA4 Experts team was able to resolve all the tracking issues pointed out by Ian, (the Marketing Director) and with the accurate data in place, Ian’s team was able to confidently optimize their Google Ads (PPC) campaigns. The project was a success for both parties.

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