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GA tracking on lead-gen websites

Is your current GA4 setup answering these four questions

Which channel/campaign is bringing in the quality traffic?
How are non-converting visitors behaving on my website?
What is the drop-off percentage at each step of my lead-gen form?
Which page is generating most leads?

Cost of using no or inaccurate data

Low ROAS (Return on ad spend)
Poor Quality Leads
Blind Marketing and SEO Strategy
Gut-driven business decisions

What We Do

ga4 eCommerce tracking

Lead Form & Call Tracking

Better understanding of the touch-points in your customer journey and issues with your lead generation process.

cross domain tracking

Cross-domain Tracking

Get a single view of a session navigations through your main domain and associated sub-domains.

ga4 form tracking

Comprehensive Form Tracking

Optimize form fields, make them a breeze to fill out, and increase conversions.

ga4 cross-device tracking

Cross-device Tracking

Reach your website users everywhere they are by tracking their interactions on any device.

ga4 naigation tracking

User Navigation Tracking

Analyze website user interaction and touchpoints throughout the journey to find out which links lead to key website results.

Outbound Link Tracking

Outbound Link Tracking

Find out what is driving people away from your website.

ga4 site search tracking

Site Search and Filters

Track what your visitors are searching on your website.

ga4 scroll depth tracking

Scroll Depth Analysis

Create better content by analyzing how content is consumed on each webpage.

ga4 video tracking tracking

Video Tracking

Is your video a hit or a miss? Use these insights from a successful implementation to create more engaging videos.

GA4 Lead-Gen Website Case Study had issues with overcounting and incorrect tracking of website events. Multiple installations of scripts caused duplicate tracking of events and conversions. 

The GA4 Experts team removed duplicate scripts and implemented conversion events via Google Tag Manager. 

Accurate tracking of events, login/signup, video clicks, and conversion attribution was achieved. The marketing team can now confidently optimize their Google Ads campaigns.

Is your Google Analytics 4 correctly implemented?

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