GA4 Case Studies

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Dermacare Direct needed to set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on their Multi-Store Headless Magento 2 website, migrate tags from the old standard Magento 2 GTM account, and implement e-Commerce tracking in GA4 via GTM.

The project faced challenges due to the custom storefront and four domains, but solutions were found through the use of ‘Lookup Variable’ in GTM and coordination with the Development Team for dataLayer implementation.

Accurate data was tracked for all domains, and E-Commerce reports were boosted with correct tracking, allowing for better conversion optimization.

HI Hostels Canada wanted to set up a GA4 e-commerce purchase event and Looker Studio dashboards to improve their budgeting strategy, but faced tracking and event setup issues.

The GA4 Experts team solved these issues, allowing the client to create accurate dashboards, gain insights on reservations, attribution, and customer behavior, and allocate their budget effectively.

Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants needed a proper implementation of Google Analytics 4. Their website had a bunch of problems, which we corrected using Javascript, HTML DOM manipulation, and Google Tag Manager.

A lot of minor and major improvements were seen, with all the bookings being correctly attributed to their source, medium, and campaign, with not more than a 2-3% discrepancy. The project was deemed a success for both parties.

The client wanted GA4 to be set up on their Magento 2 website, along with e-Commerce tracking via GTM, and purchase funnels to visualize drop-offs. Challenges included avoiding sending data from the staging domain to production GA4 property and the Magento 2 plugin adding dataLayer in Universal Analytics format.

The team used Lookup Variable in GTM and customJS script to modify dataLayer to GA4-ready. Accurate data was tracked for the production domain and funnels were created using GA4 Exploration reports, resulting in better conversions for the business. had issues with overcounting and incorrect tracking of website events. Multiple installations of scripts caused duplicate tracking of events and conversions. 

The GA4 Experts team removed duplicate scripts and implemented conversion events via Google Tag Manager. 

Accurate tracking of events, login/signup, video clicks, and conversion attribution was achieved. The marketing team can now confidently optimize their Google Ads campaigns.

At GA4 Experts, we are obsessed with data and are on a mission to accelerate the use of ‘Data Analytics’ in business decision-making.

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