Back Up Your Old Google Analytics Before It's Gone Forever!

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Universal Analytics Data Backup Services

As of July 1, 2024, Google will cease support for Universal Analytics (UA), leaving your data inaccessible. Don’t lose your valuable insights.

Take action today to back up your UA data with our trusted UA Backup Service

Universal Analytics backup service

Advantages of backing up Universal Analytics (UA) data

Here’s why you should back up your Universal Analytics (UA) data before Google revokes access on July 1st, 2024

UA Data Backup Service

Preserve Historical Insights

Your UA data represents a wealth of information about user behavior on your website or app. This historical data can provide invaluable insights into trends, user preferences, and the effectiveness of past marketing campaigns. By backing up this data, you can continue to learn from it and leverage it for future decision-making.

Year-over-Year (YoY) Comparisons

UA data allows you to compare website performance across different time periods. This YoY analysis is crucial for understanding growth patterns and measuring the impact of changes you've made. Backing up your UA data ensures you can continue to make these comparisons even after switching to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Future Reference and Learning

Even if you're fully transitioned to GA4, there may be situations where you need to refer back to your UA data. For instance, you might want to understand user behavior during a specific campaign launch period in the past. A backup of your UA data allows you to access this information whenever needed.

Minimal Effort, High Value

Backing up your UA data is a relatively simple process. Google Analytics itself offers export functionalities, allowing you to save reports in various formats. This way, you can preserve this valuable information without a significant investment of time or resources.

In short, backing up your UA data safeguards your investment in website analytics. It ensures you don't lose access to historical learnings and comparisons that can inform your future strategies.

Don't Let Your Valuable Insights Vanish

With Google’s shutdown of Universal Analytics approaching, it’s crucial to secure your data. Take action today to back up your UA data and ensure continuity in your analytics efforts.

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Take action today to back up your UA data and ensure continuity in your analytics efforts.


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