what is internal traffic and how can we exclude it in GA4

In this guide, you will learn about internal traffic and how to exclude it in GA4.

What is internal traffic?

If you have a website, you may visit it to test things, or if you are working with a team, they may visit your website several times and perform some interactions, such as triggering an event. So all this data goes to GA4 but you know, this is not real traffic. This can lead to data misinterpretation.

For instance, You visit your GA4 property and see that 200 events have been fired but out of those 50 were done by you or your team indicating that it is internal traffic.

In such a case, all you have to do is exclude your internal traffic, which means removing all events/hits/data generated by you or your company’s employees.

How to define the internal traffic to Google Analytics?

The whole process is divided into two steps.
The first step is to define the internal traffic to Google analytics. We’ll do so by collecting the IP addresses of our internal traffic and entering them in Google analytics.

Let’s check how we can do it:

STEP 1: Go to the admin.

admin page in GA4

STEP 2: Click on the Data Stream.

data streams in ga4

STEP 3: Select the Data Stream.

select data stream

STEP 4: Click on Configure tag settings.

configure tag settings

STEP 5: Select the ‘Define Internal Traffic’ section.

define internal traffic in ga4

STEP 6: Click on the Create Button.

create internal traffic

STEP 7: Fill up the Name, Traffic Type, and IP address, and click on Create.

enter ip addresses to exclude

Now you have defined your internal traffic to Google Analytics.

defined internal traffic

Configuring the internal traffic to exclude:

Let’s move to the next step of the process in which we will add a data filter that will tell the GA to exclude the internal traffic we have defined above.

STEP 1: Click on Data settings.

data settings inga4

STEP 2: Go to Data filters.

data filters in ga4

STEP 3: You can see the current state as ‘Testing’. Click here to make it Active.

data filters in ga4

STEP 4: Set the filter state as ‘Active’ and click on Save.

data filter state

STEP 5: Click on ‘Activate the filter’.

activate date filter

You can see that now the filter is active and you have a clear and correct picture of the data on your website.

data filter activated

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